About Kat

Hello there! I am Kat.

I am currently in my late twenties, cozy slippers, and absolute bliss over the idea of blogging again. 

I grew up in the usually-so-sunny South Florida. 

I went to UF for undergrad during the Ron Zook era (which most of us Gator fans affectionately refer to as our worst football seasons ever). I must say that despite my previous sentence, I managed to love every moment of it.

I lived in South Carolina for four years and moved back to Florida about a year ago. Now, a profession change, haircut upgrade, life-outlook adjustment, and a new blog later, let’s just say I am back, and I am feeling better than ever.

Against my own better-blogging advice, I think this blog will be about a mix of things. I guess we'll just have to see, together.

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