Thursday, February 20, 2014

30 years, 16 days late

And just like that, as of Feb. 4th at 10:18 AM, I was on this earth for 30 years!  I am not one of those people who freaks out about turning a year older, but (abundantly aware that anyone over 30 is rolling her eyes as I type this) I cannot believe I am thirty.

The sound of it- it seems so established. I am so under construction.

I know 30 is not old, but try and explain that to your Pop Pop as he marvels that he is actually old enough to have a 30-yr-old grandchild. I am pretty sure he still sees me in diapers.

The best part is that my 30th birthday celebration consisted of Bananagrams and bowling. Just 5 years ago, I was a crazy lady on a stage, singing into a fake microphone. This year, I spent the evening with family. They did a pretty solid job of making me feel like a princess.

at work:

at T&G's:

Although most of my friends now live out of state, I felt the love across the miles. Jenna, Kimmy, Megan, Kim, Stephanie, and Jackie surprised me with a beautiful ring.

Please don't judge my poor lighting/Samsung Galaxy photog skills.

The olive branch symbolizes peace and abundance. So on point. I just absolutely LOVE it.

I would say that I am noticing new wrinkles on my hands as I type this blog post, but that would be in the spirit of dramatics. I think 30 is going to be a great thing. And to be honest, I am going to choose to embrace it because accepted or not, my birth certificate remains the same.

 What would you do for a milestone birthday?

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