Monday, August 5, 2013

Battle of the High Tests

My coffee drinking friends: Every wonder how much caffeine you are putting into your body? Well, not all cups of joe are created equal. Although we Americans tend to drink weaker brews, I thought this chart was pretty interesting: 

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What the heck is Deathwish Coffee anyway? Hmm...

I am ashamed (ok, not that ashamed) to admit I drink a lot of coffee. I am close to constantly having a cup in my hand all throughout the day (even at night-a little too close to laying my head on a pillow). See this past week below:

I tend to think that caffeine no longer has an effect on me because I could take a nap right after a double shot of espresso. Really. My doctor seems to agree. She suggested I start drinking half caf and only decaf at night. I started a few days ago with my daily Dunkin. Anyone else have this problem?